Pre-Ordering is Highly recommened.  Never required.

Please call 931-Seafood or 931-732-3663 or e-mail us at, if you know there is something that you need for your next event to be sure we will have it for you!  We always keep stock in the stores, however it is always our hope to sell out by Saturday evening, so we can restock the freshest product for you the next week.  

Signature Items Made Weekly:

These items are in ready to back containers, simply take home, remove lid, place in oven and wait to enjoy the creamy deliciousness of our signature receipes.  Pre-Ordering is suggested, but not required.

The Seafood Place Crab Trap  $12.95 each

60z of Domestic, jumbo lump crab meat, touch of mayo, lemon and Old Bay of course!  Ready too cook!

(2) Jumbo Stuffed Shrimp $12.95

(2) 10/15 Gulf Shrimp, stuffed with our signature TSP Crab Trap. 

Cream of Crab Soup

TSP Cream of Crab Soup.  

The Seafood Place Seafood Macaroni and Cheese  $14 1lb and $25 2lbs

Our Macaroni and Cheese is made with 4 cheeses, Pepper Jack, White Cheddar, Mozzarella and Gouda. Then we add Sauteed peeled and deveined Argentina pinks, crawfish tails and jumbo lump crab meat and top it off with more shredded cheese! All in a tin, ready to heat in oven!!


Shrimp – Heads Off- IQF  All Wild Caught                                       

Grilling Shrimp  16/20        $16.75 per LB             

Colossal                21/25        $14.75 per LB

Large                     26/30       $13.75 per LB             

Medium               40/50        $11.50 per LB  

Fresh off the Boat                   $14.75 per lb

Argentina Pinks   16/20       $14.75 per LB 

Shrimp Heads-On          

Heads – On          31/36’s      $8.50   per LB

Royal Reds                            $12.50 per LB **New Price



By Sack --Premium          $75.00

By the Dozen                     $12.00

By the Pint                         $15.00


Blue Crabs                                          

Live                   $25.00 per dozen

(Pre-Order suggested/Thurs & Friday Pick-up)

Soft Shell Blue Crab (Frozen)      $6.75 Each

Crab Claws (Fresh)             $22.00 per LB

Crawfish (Feb-Jun)

Live                                $4.25lb  (10lbs or more $3.75lb)

Cooked                           $5.75lb

Fresh Fish

Varies by week, please provide E-mail address for weekly Fresh Fish List or visit our web page for updates


FROZEN Seafood:

Louisiana Alligator Fillets        $16.00 per 1lb Pkg     

Crawfish Tails                             $17.00per 1lb Pkg **** Price Changed

Dungeness Crab Clusters          $19.90 per LB (Usually 2 clusters makes 1.5lb)         

Snow Crab Leg Clusters            $17.90 per LB (Usually 2 clusters makes a LB)

Scallops 10/20 USA/IQF            $17.95 per LB

Frog Legs                                    $10.95 per LB

Calamari- Tubes and Tentacles       $25 for 2.5LB Pkg

Calimari Rings

Mussels (Farm Raised New Zealand)   $9.00 LB

Steamer Clams                          $7.00 LB

Sashimi Block                            $17.95 LB

Cold Lobster Tails 7-8oz           $16.50 Each

****Prices are Subject to change without notice

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