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PRICE CHANGES!!!  We are sad to announce there have been significant price changes from our suppliers, we have reflected that on our menu.  When prices go down for us, we will reduce them for you.

About Us

The Seafood Place sources wild crabs, fish, shrimp, crawfish, oysters and more fresh from all over the US.  Fresh seafood travels by refrigerated trailer at temperatures of 38 degrees fahrenheit or below, where it is bound for local consumers like you!  The Seafood Place is a family-owned and operated business with a passion for delivering superior customer service.

When we moved to Tullahoma in 2016 and we quickly learned something was missing and that was fresh seafood. We found a way to bring fresh wild caught seafood to Middle Tennessee and we are happy to serve!!

In the summer of 2019 USDA upgraded our license to a Category 1 which allows us to serve hot food so we have recently expanded our menu and hope you enjoy the fresh seafood selections!!


​Please call 931-Seafood or 931-732-3663 or e-mail us at theseafoodplacetullahoma@gmail.com, if you know there is something that you need for your next event to be sure we will have it for you! We always keep stock in the store, however it is always our hope to sell out by Saturday evening, so we can restock the freshest product for you the next week.  

Shrimp – Heads Off- IQF  (Individually Quick Frozen)
Grilling Shrimp  16/20  •  $18.50 per LB 
Colossal  21/25  •  $17.50 per LB 
Large  26/30  •  $16.50 per LB 
Argentina Pinks  16/20  •  $15.75 per LB

P&D 26/30's  •  $18.75 per LB

U15's  •  $21.50 per LB

Shrimp Heads-On 
Heads – On  10/15's  •  $12.50 per LB
Royal Reds  •  $13.50 per LB

By Sack --Premium  •  $90.00
By the Dozen  •  $15.00
By the Pint  •  $19.95

Crawfish (Feb-Jun)
Live  •  $4.75lb  
Cooked  •  $7.35lb

Blue Crabs 
Live  •  $50.00 per dozen
(Pre-Order suggested/ Friday Pick-up)
Soft Shell Blue Crab (Frozen)  •  $6.75 Each
Crab Claws (Fresh, Pre order Only)  •  $22.00 per LB


FROZEN Seafood:
Louisiana Alligator Fillets  •  $21.00 per 1lb Pkg
Crawfish Tails  •  $26 per 1lb Pkg
Dungeness Crab Clusters  •  $30.00per LB
Snow Crab Leg Clusters  •  $28.00 per LB
Scallops 10/20 USA/IQF  •  $30 per LB
Frog Legs  •  $15 per LB
Calamari- Tubes and Tentacles  •  $35 for 2.5lb pkg
Calimari Rings  •  $12.00 per LB
Mussels (Farm Raised New Zealand)  •  $9.00 per LB
Steamer Clams  •  $8.00 per LB
Sashimi Block  •  $30.00 per LB
Cold Lobster Tails 7-8oz  •  $37.00 Each


All hot food is prepared weekly and sometimes daily depending on demand. We are not a fast food establishment so we do advise calling orders in or plan on up to 15 min wait.

**Soups are thickened with Gluten free flour and Crabcakes and Crab Traps are made with Gluten free Panko.

**Cream of Crab Soup
Serving  •  $7.95  |  Pint  •  $14.75  |  Quart  •  $29.50 
**NEW  OG Taco's  $12.99

3 Taco's with deliciously seasoned shrimp served on  flour tortillas, a bed of cabbage topped with our signature sauce.

**NEW  Surfer Slappin Taco's  $12.99

3 Taco's with tangy sweet heat season shrimp, served on flour tortillas,  a bed of cabbage topped with our signature sauce.


12 Shrimp are served over a bed of rice,

 cabbage, signature sauce.  $12.99


Wagyu Beef Hot Dog  •  $8.00

Wagyu beef hot dog, no preservatives, no nitrates.  Served on a fresh baked pretzel bun.  Condiments at front of store.

**TSP Trap Dog  •  $15.00

Wagyu beef hot dog sliced in 3 and topped with 4oz of crab trap, drizzled with remoulade sauce , all on a fresh baked pretzel roll.

Dad Bod Dog  •  $15.00​

Wagyu beef hot dog sliced in 3, topped with 2oz fillet mignon, covered with shredded white cheese, drizzled with remoulade sauce, all on a fresh baked pretzel roll.

**TSP Crab Cake Sandwich  •  $18.00

Jumbo lump crab meat, perfectly seasoned with a touch of "heat" all on a deliciously light with a touch of sweet brioche bun.

 Fillet Trap  •  $20.00
​This sandwich is nothing less than DECADENT.   Marinated 4oz Filet Mignon topped with The Seafood Place's Crab Trap and baked on a fresh baked pretzel roll.

**TSP Crab Trap  •  $20.00

This is a classic Crab Imperial recipe, made with premium Jumbo Lump Blue Crab meat, served hot or cold, you will want more!!

Seafood Macaroni and Cheese
Serving  •  $7.95  |  1lb  •  $14.00  |  2lb  •  $25.00 

Four cheeses, jumbo lump crab, crawfish tails and jumbo shrimp.

Shrimp Boil  •  $11.95 per serving

Weaver Farms Andoulli sausage, Baby red potatos, yellow corn nibblet and 16/20's Argentina Pinks Shrimp.  Boil is cooked in Old Bay,  brushed with butter and sprinkled with Old Bay.   Approx 1.5lb per serving.


Garlic Parmesan Shrimp

1/2lb  •  $9.25            ​ 1lb  •  $18.25

Peeled and deveined 16/20 shrimp, served over a bed of jazmine rice.

NEW!! Cajun Shrimp

1/2lb  •  $9.25            ​ 1lb  •  $18.25

Peeled and deveined 16/20 shrimp, served over a bed of jazmine rice.

**Not The Gumbo

Served over Rice
Serving  •  $8.00  |  1lb  •  $15.00
Rice on Side
Pint  •  $22.50  |  Quart  •  $45.00


Definitely NOT the traditional Gumbo.  This is a creamy bowl of deliciousness filled with jumbo butterflied shrimp, crawfish tails,  jumbo lump blue crab meat and local andoulli sausage.
Side Salad  •  $6.00
Crab Trap Salad  •  $12.00
Fillet Salad  •  $12.00
Shrimp Salad  •  $10.00


We love working next to and with other local business that produce really good food. We get everything fresh directly from them. To learn more about our local partners click on the button below.

Local Angus Beef
Ground beef
 •  $6.00lb
5oz hamburger patties
 •  $8.30lb
Rib Eye Steaks
 •  $18.00lb
NY Strip
 •  $17.25lb
 •  $23.75lb
Sirloin Steak
 •  $9.00lb
Shoulder Roast
 •  $9.00
Chuck Roast
 •  $9.00
Round Roast
 •  $9.00
Rump Roast
 •  $9.00
Stew Meat
 •  $8.50
 •  $11.00

Wagyu Beef
8oz Beef Patties
 •  1lb pkgs  $15.99lb

Hot Dogs •  1lb pkg $12.99lb


Local Honey
100% Pure
8 oz Pure Strained
 •  $9.00
1 Pound Pure Strained
 •  $10.00
Pint Pure Comb
 •  $14.00
Pint Pure Strained
 •  $12.00
Quart Pure Strained
 •  $20.00
1/2 Gallon Pure Strained
 •  $42.00

Dirty South BBQ
Mama's Rub
 •  $6.99
Sexxxy Mama's Rub
 •  $6.99
Hot Mama's Rub
 •  $6.99
Mama's Competition Blend
 •  $7.99
Pork Skins, BBQ & Feel the Heat
 •  $1.50

St. Isidore Farm

Local Manchester Lamb

Ground Lamb •  $10lb

Lamb Chops •  $15lb

Rib Chops •  $15lb

Leg Steaks •  $15lb

Rack of Lamb •  $15lb


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