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Garrison Valley Farms

Our Method
Our cattle are Garrison Valley cattle, meaning that they are all born and raised on the Curl and Lee farms.  By keeping our herds local, we significantly reduce incidents of disease.  Our calves are gently weaned and then, depending on time of year, placed in fields growing high quality seasonal forages such as oats, rye, and pearl millet.

We do not feed our cattle growth stimulants or therapeutic antibiotics.  Our cattle are selected and raised to be wholesome, healthy and thrive on local forages, just as they have for thousands of years.  

We believe that the best way to raise our cattle is to let them freely graze the grass we grow.  That said, in times of stress (i.e. weaning, illness, drought, extreme cold/heat) we do hand-feed our cattle minimal amounts of wholesome, natural grains to supplement their diet.   To get a better idea of our management practices, check out Whit's presentation to the 2014 Tri-State Beef Conference.

Our Cattle
We raise Angus cattle because of their well-established reputation for producing high quality meat.  Because we are in daily contact with our cattle, we place a primary emphasis on temperament--calm cattle aren’t just safer to be around, they generally make for a bigger, better tasting end product.

We pride ourselves on selecting the very best breeding stock available.  This means selecting cattle that will thrive in the Middle Tennessee climate on our native grasses.  We routinely incorporate the latest technology available for genetic testing and software-based qualitative analysis in our management protocol, but fundamentally, those are just tools that help to focus our own experience-based decision making process—there is simply no substitute for a lifetime spent raising cattle.

George Martin Honey

WELCOME to Martin’s Honey House and commercial kitchen located at 59 Bashaw Creek Road, Manchester, Tennessee Our honey house is annually inspected and CERTIFIED by the Tennessee Department of Agriculture Regulatory Services. We extract, bottle and label our local 100% pure raw strained honey in Martin’s Honey House along with our cut comb honey. Also, our Creamed Honey and Infused Honey are made, bottled, and labeled in Martin’s Honey House.


Don’t Fear A Swarm! 

More than likely if bees swarm, they have run out of room because they are growing and healthy.


DO NOT call exterminators, instead call me at (931)808-5654.  I will come to the place of the swarm outside of your home and remove the bees free of charge in Coffee, Grundy, Franklin, Bedford and Rutherford counties.


Bees are extremely valuable pollinators and we do not want to kill them unnecessarily. Our handmade soaps, flavored and unflavored lip balms, scented and unscented hand lotion bars, and Beeswax candles are made in Martin’s Honey House from the Beeswax produced by our own honey bees. Our beeswax by-products are registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). A small beginning has led to a thriving business supplying family members, friends and many others like you with pure local honey and beeswax products. We look forward to providing you with local 100% pure raw strained honey, cut comb honey, Creamed Honey, Infused Honey and our handmade skin care products or pure beeswax candles.


Traveling the competition barbeque circuit throughout the southeast, the Dirty South Barbeque Team used trial and error at competitions to research and develop the winning original rub, MAMA’S RUB to win over 40 calls and 3 grand championships. Consumer feedback led to the development of HOT MAMA’S RUB, which is twice as hot as MAMA’S RUB. SEXXXY MAMA’S tripled the heat the of HOT MAMA’S to satisfy the taste of
consumers who like it HOT. 
Product packaging began in February 2014 and was on store shelves in March 2014. Twelve months later Dirty South Barbeque Rub is available in over 100 locations in the
Southeast and 8 locations in Utah.


 Made in the USA


About Spices Smokehouse Spices

Smokehouse started as a competition BBQ team in 1996 following the KCBS and FBA circuit. We have also competed and won many other culinary contests including a Food Network Chili Challenge, Placed 2nd in the state in Wild Game and we are very proud of our World Food Championship finishes in the Seafood Category 11th in 2016 and 9th in 2017. Love for cooking and helping others Team Spices Smokehouse drove us to open our catering business and has seen continued growth over the years offering southern hospitality with our delicious food. In 2016 we have expanded by offering our popular Spicy Smokehouse Crackers, Smokehouse Gold Sauce, Caribbean Glaze and Pig Rub and in 2017 we launched our Spiced Peaches and Caribbean Hot Sauces. At Spices Smokehouse we contribute our success to hard work, a great team, attention to detail and God’s many blessings on our lives and business.


Spices Smokehouse Crackers

I never dreamed in 2003 when a friend shared this crazy spiced up cracker with me that it would turn into a business. After being introduced to this snack by a friend from Louisiana Robert and I fell in love with them. So I called my friend and ask for her recipe, she was happy to share. Of course I had to put my twist on it with our BBQ rubs and my BBQ family was the perfect avenue for me to test flavor profiles on the crackers. I tweaked it for a long time before I hit the perfect mark! We loved them so much that I would make them whenever we went to parties and BBQ contest to snack on. Before long I was being ask by others to make them a jug. Surprisingly the calls kept coming, Robert said you just need to sell those things because everybody loves them. I saw my friend later and gave her a jug. With a smile she said ͞I like yours better. I shared my desire to sell them and she got excited giving me her blessings. She is no longer with us but I know in heaven she is looking down with a smile on what she started. As a caterer I had the facility and proper permits in place so it was easy to start selling them online, locally and at BBQ contest. After years of being on the back burner I took another look at its potential as a real business and I knew I couldn’t sit still with this snack that everybody loves, I needed to see where it would lead. In 2015 Spices Smokehouse,LLC was granted FDA permits to sell for mass distribution. Spices Smokehouse Crackers now have retail locations all across Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, Florida, Mississippi And Minnesota. With 2 new Sales Reps the growth is promising. We are aggressively looking for new distributors nationally.


The Smokehouse Market

In April of 2017 we opened The Smokehouse Market offering our smoked meats, chicken salads, homemade pimento cheese, fresh fried pork skins and other seasonal items. We also decided to bring in outer Alabama Made products and being in the BBQ World it was natural to offer some of the best rubs and sauces you can buy. We hope our love of BBQ and cooking great food will inspire others to become BBQ Rock Stars in their own back yard.


Contact Info:

Spices Smokehouse, LLC 256-891-7592 The Smokehouse Market 256-298-6700 1470 US Hwy. 431 N Suite 308 Boaz AL 35957 Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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