Local Angus Beef:

Ground beef $6.00lb

5oz hamburger patties $8.30lb

Rib Eye Steaks $18.00lb

NY Strip $17.25lb

Fillets $23.75lb

Sirloin Steak $9.00lb

Shoulder Roast $9.00

Chuck Roast $9.00

Round Roast $9.00

Rump Roast $9.00

Stew Meat $8.50

Brisket $11.00

Wagyu Beef:

8oz Beef Patties, 1lb pkgs  $15.99lb

Local Honey:

100% Pure

8 oz Pure Strained   $9.00

1 Pound Pure Strained $10.00

Pint Pure Comb       $14.00

Pint Pure Strained   $12.00

Quart Pure Strained   $20.00

1/2 Gallon Pure Strained   $42.00

Dirty South BBQ

Mama's Rub     $6.99

Sexxxy Mama's Rub    $6.99

Hot Mama's Rub     $6.99

Mama's Competition Blend    $7.99

Pork Skins, BBQ & Feel the Heat  $1.50


If you'd like a t-shirt shipped, we are happy to do that, shipping will be added.

All sizes $20 each including tax

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