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The  Seafood  Place

931-Seafood   or   931-732-3663

"Bringing Fresh Seafood to Middle Tennessee"

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Truly Great Seafood

 You can be the host or hostess with the freshest seafood for that special occasion!

Every week The Seafood Place brings a taste of the gulf home to middle Tennessee.

WE ARE, the only supplier within 50 miles of Tullahoma that will take your order and bring it back to Tullahoma the same week.


Homeowner, Restaurateur or a corporate event. Special order your fresh fish from our weekly fresh fish list.  The fish we bring to Tullahoma is filleted for The Seafood Place on Wednesday evening and delivred to us on Thursday morning.   Our fresh fish travels in a 33-38 degree refrigerated trailer and is ready for pick up at our store located at 303 E. Lincoln Street in Tullahoma 

You will not find any fresher fish fillets in southern middle Tennessee!!

Gulf Seafood to Middle Tennessee


The Seafood Place sources wild crabs, fish, shrimp, crawfish, oysters and more fresh from all over the US.  Fresh seafood travels by refrigerated trailer at temperatures of 38 degrees fahrenheit or below, where it is bound for local consumers like you!  The Seafood Place is a family-owned and operated business with a passion for delivering superior customer service.

When we moved to Tullahoma in 2016 and we quickly learned something was missing and that was fresh seafood. We found a way to bring fresh wild caught seafood to Middle Tennessee and we are happy to serve!!

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